December 4, 2020

Local Organic Food

Beef is available throughout the year – although please book in advance for Christmas. We sell the beef in 5Kg, 10Kg and 20Kg boxes – each containing a mix of steaks, roasts, casserole, stews and mince click here for pictures

Lamb is now available throughout the year – and for the discerning we also have a limited amount of Hogget (slightly older more tasty lamb).
To buy beef or lamb please contact Sarah on 07836 709929

Firewood logs are mainly Beech, Oak or Ash. We fell (sustainably) about 20 trees each year sometimes creating glades or light corridors in the woodland. The firewood is sold, within a five mile range of the farm over the autumn and winter.

For Firewood please contact Paul for more details on 07768 626 679

Lamb Fleeces are available in a small or large size and are mostly white with some brown ones available.
To buy sheep fleeces please call Sarah on 07836 709929