June 17, 2024

Farm Vegetable Garden

On the 1st June 2007 Stroud Slad Farm Community delivered the first vegetables to local families. Over the last couple of years the scheme has grown into a Farm Vegetable Garden where a group of local families are working together to grow their own fruit and vegetables.

The vegetables, harvested each week, vary according to the season and include onions, lettuce, peppers, beetroot, cauliflower and cabbage, sometimes carrots and potatoes, usually herbs – and a lot lot more (in season!).

Just this season we have created a herb spiral, planted a small apple orchard, improved the ventilation of the polytunnels, put all our water pipes underground – oh and got ahead of the weeds and got our successional planting better than ever …

The Farm Garden is an acre in size with 4 poly-tunnels, 2 greenhouses and a large shed for storage, packing and all sorts of other activities. We are always happy to see volunteers and WWOOFers as there is much to do.

We are now producing enough to invite other families to join us – so please get in touch if you would like to come and grow with us – please ‘phone Sarah 07836 709929

We also organise events at the farm for all the family. Last year a local group performed the Kings Play in one of the barns, there is usually an open day, always a harvest festival and other opportunities to visit and walk around the farm and market garden.